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You might find this hard to believe but your body is not a machine.

Even if it were, machines need rest too…especially before going in for a job interview.

The level of preparation you put in for your job interview will not count if you are mentally absent on D-day.

Avoid this by getting enough rest so you can wake up alert and ready to deal with any questions your interviewer throws at you. Picture the alternative, which is zoning off mid-sentence with your mouth open. Not a pretty picture, is it?

In addition to getting the rest you require, prepare to be honest, especially when asked about your strengths. The temptation to reel out a long list of impressive ‘strengths’ is inviting, but don’t do it!

Why go with the crowd and claim to be a ‘team player’ just because it sounds good to the ear when you like to work alone? Stick to the truth.

Lying has its downfalls. Fish learnt this the hard way when he lied about his age to his interviewer(s) in our previous Diary of a Job Hunter episode. Who needs a calculator to figure out their age? Fish, that’s who! He’s also the only one with a younger – older brother.

On a serious note, prospective employers want to hire honest, efficient and reliable people. Lying, dozing off or lack of preparedness doesn’t mirror those qualities.

Watch Fish’s No Sleep No Slumber in this week’s Diary of a job hunter and see why you shouldn’t underestimate rest or exaggerate your strengths.

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See ya!


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