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There are certain things that should never come as a surprise to you in your job hunting journey.

Never wait till get to the interview venue to find out about the organisation you are interviewing with.

With a world of information available online, getting basic information about the organisation should be at your fingertips. Information like company’s full name, address, scope of operation, years of operation, philosophy, and the like should not be new to you. Apart from the fact that any of these can pop up during the interview session and you want to come across as adequately prepared, you will also be able to avoid embarrassing situations such as ‘Fish’ experienced in today’s episode of ‘Diary of a Job Seeker (Not seen it yet? Watch it here).

Ritualists, human traffickers, and scammers have also used the interview method severally on unsuspecting job-seeking Nigerians. Proper research into the organisation will disclose if it is indeed a legitimate ‘job offer’ or if it is the kind of ‘job’ you are hoping for.

Follow the ‘Diary of a Job Hunter’ series for more helpful tips on your quest for your new job. We hope that soon, you experience an upgrade from job-seeker to gainfully-employed. We will be excited to talk to you about the Pension options and benefits available to you.

Recently found a job? Find out what you should do next in this hilarious video.

Stop by next Friday for job seeker tip two and another dose of Fish and his travail to land his dream job. Feel free to share this post with your friends as well.

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