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So you endured the 95 days in January, after balling in December, paying school fees, house rent and a million other bills


Then finally your endurance paid off and you see payday just ahead


Then you remember you borrowed money from Tunde and even took cash advance from your bank


While you are still trying to sort your confusion, you get a ‘just saying hi’ message from bae, because Valentine is around the corner


What a wawu! You can already see your account balance laughing at you like this


This 2018 must be different o, not that brokenness life you endured last year, you know it’s time to borrow yourself brain


You decide to check the ARM Money Market fund thing they have been making noise about


Chai, the thing is offering more than 12%  sha and you have been dulling all along


Quickly you sign up and set up a direct debit because this investment thing is not a joking sturv, no stories that touch please


Finally you can relax knowing you will ball through 2018, issa big boy


Wait, you still don’t have Money Market fund? Click here to sign up sharp sharp,  no excuses.


Welcome to the balling life, may your year be filled with Paydays!

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