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I’ve followed ARM on Facebook for some time now, thanks to my wife. Every month, they post something (meme or article) about ‘salary week’ that taunts me to no end.


It’s almost as if they are looking me in the eye and speaking to my very soul. I am constantly made to evaluate my choices especially regarding saving and investing…which really isn’t a bad thing.


I have been bad at managing my salary and the small change that comes in from my side hustle. As a husband and father to two lovely children, I spend every dime that comes into my account on life’s necessities. My wife is the one with the saving mentality. Every month, she makes it a point to tag me on financial freedom quotes.


I read them and sneer: “This woman will not understand. How does she want me to save with all these responsibilities weighing me down?


I always have excuses despite her support financially. But the recent article I read stuck with me doing strange things to my mindset. My take-away from that article was this: Will my wife and children have the life they do now, if God forbid something happens to me?


Not that I want to die o, God forbid. But the reality is that death does not take permission before visiting anyone.


This November, as I count the days to the grrrring sound of my salary alert and the payment from my side hustle, my plan is crystal clear. No major flexing this Christmas o… Something light can still work for us all.


I’m done procrastinating and feeling guilty with every ‘salary week’ post I see on Facebook. I need to take action now.


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