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in this report, we highlighted major policy reforms in 2023 and their effect on the Nigerian economy as well as the capital market. We also provided capital market strategies that investors can employ amidst the series of new economic policies being implemented.

Executive Summary

Anchored by a new captain, the voyage, which is the Nigerian economy has now pointed its rudder at another direction evidenced by the series of reforms that now suggests that a favourable business environment might be in the offing. The touted outcome of this new turn over the years have included among others, attracting foreign investment, and enhancing the overall Nigerian economy. Four notable policies have emerged since the inception of this new leadership: FX liberalization, removal of PMS (Premium Motor Spirit) subsidy, the Electricity Act 2023, and the enactment of Executive Orders.

While the disconcerting fiscal state of the nation had started getting long touted reprieve in the form of subsidy removal, two of the prominent concerns which have posed as the Achilles heel of the economy in FX management and electricity have also received a new lease of life. The FX unification and the subsequent floating are expected to enhance efficiency and liquidity in the market, attract foreign investors and eliminate the irrational arbitrage opportunity in the space. Furthermore, the removal of PMS subsidy is a crucial step towards addressing fiscal challenges and reallocating budget resources towards infrastructural development.

Furthermore, the Electricity Act 2023 is expected to focus on revitalizing the power sector through private sector participation and reliable electricity supply. Finally, the Executive Orders revamp the Finance Act signed by the previous administration and improves business activity.

Although some of these policies have faced significant opposition from citizens for how they might not be enough to address Nigeria’s hydra-headed macro-economic concerns, we believe that they bode well for capital market traction. Therefore, this report provides capital market strategies that investors can employ amidst the series of new economic policies being implemented.


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