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Hello Financial Experts,

What are the investment options available given the current Covid-19 pandemic?

Jude. A from Kano

Hello Jude,

In periods of heightened uncertainties, we recommend that investors remain cautions and position themselves to take advantage of investment opportunities in sectors with good fundamentals and growth prospects. Investors who currently have exposure to the equities market with a long-term investment  horizon must not feel pressured  to exit the market or worry about loss in their portfolios as a result of the decline in the equities market, however, they should expect significant upside as market conditions improve.

Please find below the following channels for investment opportunities below:

  • ARM’s Money Market Fund – An open-ended mutual fund with a highly liquid and low-risk profile that invests in high quality, short term Money Market Instruments;
  • ARM Eurobond Mutual Fund – A US dollar-denominated mutual fund that is authorized to invest in Eurobonds floated by the Federal Government of Nigeria and highly rated Nigerian corporates;
  • Eurobond investments– ARM Investment Managers offer investors access to invest directly in domestically issued Eurobonds; and
  • ARM Stocktrade– ARM’s proprietary mobile trading platform that provides access to trade domestic and international equities listed on the largest stock exchanges in the world.

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