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The thought just wouldn’t go away. It lurked within Ugobiri no matter how much he tried to shake it off.


Perhaps it was the chain of events happening all over the world that brought this feeling. Ugobiri had even gotten scared of swiping his phone and clicking on his News update app.

He feared he would be greeted by either bad news, or truth that hits right between the eyes.


Then the dreams began.

Almost every two nights, Ugobiri saw himself giving words of advice to his two children Amanda and Luke. Sometimes, it was him looking at them with sad eyes and regret. It all didn’t make sense. But he knew it was the universe passing a message to him.


At work, Ugobiri narrated his unease and dreams to Felix his boisterous colleague. Felix thought deeply and after lunch called Ugobiri. “Ugo baba, I’ve given a thought to this your matter o. The thing use style tire me. But I sort of agree with you. It is some form of warning. One you should take seriously.”


Ugobiri nodded and moved on to inspecting the machinery and ensuring they worked well. He was the Chief Machinery Supervisor at Bixcu Construction, PortHarcourt.


Felix’s answer did not help him in any way. He wondered where else he could get answers as he worked. When he got home, he again called Nancy his wife, and told her of his dreams. Nancy, being the very spiritual wife, assured Ugobiri that God must be sending a message to him. Fasting and praying may reveal the exact meaning.


As the days went by and his dreams and thoughts remained on his children, Ugobiri started to think about life as a parent.


His daughter, Amanda wants to be a pilot. Her face lit up when she talked about flying aircrafts and being the hero that so many people entrusted their lives to. Luke, on the other hand, wants to be the voice of the voiceless. Law was his future and his mannerism and actions showed he was born for it.


Ugobiri was a proud dad and was sure he’ll do whatever it took to help realise his children’s dreams. But one question bothered him. One question makes him anxious. What happens if he can’t help his children achieve their dreams?


The answer…


Ugobiri hated being uncertain or living in fear. The past few weeks had kept him a prisoner of fear and uncertainty and he needed escape.


That escape would come masqueraded in the event that took place at work that day.


Ugobiri and Felix had just come back from lunch to notice Joseph, the crane operator hard at work manning the crane. Noticing that the hoist which held the crane carrying heavy metals wasn’t properly secured, Ugobiri called out to him. Perhaps the deafening noise in the yard was too much for Joseph to hear him or the universe chose that day to reveal some truth to Ugobiri…. as it all happened in a flash.


Grrrrr….Gbam! The crane had come off its hoist and in a split second, Ugobiri saw the heavy mass of metals falling from the crane.


Moments later, Ugobiri opened his eyes to see himself on the ground with Felix on top of him. “Phew! That was a close one, Ugo. Now you owe me one”, said Felix as he stood to dust his clothes.


Ugobiri stood quietly as his heart beat fast against his chest. He was deep in thoughts as he strolled quietly to a corner to sit. What if this incident had ended badly? What would become of his family? His children and their dreams?


Now it all made sense. His dreams and unease pointed only to one thing. Ugobiri realized that life was full of uncertainties and any unanticipated jolt could mean the end of his children’s dreams. Unless he took needed action.


He decided there and then to know more about Estate Planning and put his Will in place for the sake of his children’s future. He at least owed them that.


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