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Our new home is way more comfortable than the former one. It is more spacious, the kitchen tastefully furnished and finally, I have a workspace for my favorite hobby – Carpentry.

The kids love the space in the house and the driveway. As they are on mid-term holidays, they spend most of the day playing with Maxy.

Maxy is a new addition to our family. My wife had always wanted us to have a pet dog, but our former Landlord warned us against having pets in his house based on reasons best known to him. The moment we moved into the new house, she went to get a cute Puppy. Ever since Maxy came into our family, our kids can’t get enough

We have also transferred Nifemi and Chinedu, our children to a school closer to the new house. Although they miss their friends from their old school, they have adapted quickly and Nifemi talks non-stop about his new friends and teachers.

As they say, nothing good comes without a price. We found out soon enough that the schools around here with the desired good standards and quality education cost more than our former place. My wife couldn’t hide her worries, but I calmed her down. We agreed to make some adjustments to our spending to accommodate the new fees.

When the mid-term holidays are over, it will be time to pay up the balance upon the school fees payment and thankfully that coincides with Payday

Yesterday evening after church, my friend Kola came with his family to see our new place. They loved it too. Kola told me how his kids, Titi and Edwin, miss Chinedu and Nifemi since we moved away, and the children got transferred too.

While the wives were catching up in the living room, I took Kola to see my new workspace. He loves woodwork too and was impressed with the simple setup. I told him I was already planning to make it a side hustle since I need more income streams now that my bills have taken a hike.

We caught up on the usual; sports, work, money and I quickly confessed to him that I couldn’t wait for the salary to come in, so I could balance up on the school fees that we are still owing.

Kola was surprised to hear that I still owe school fees. That was when he gave me an expo to how he handles his owns kids school fees. He introduced me to an affordable Education Plan he started years ago with ARM Life for his children and how he’s had zero worries when it came to paying school fees.

After they left, I told my wife what Kola told me and we checked it out online. We found that the offers in the plan were even better than what Kola described and it. Taking the step now will ensure that things will become a whole lot better for us in the future!

Suddenly, things are looking up. As soon as the salary arrives, I know exactly what do!

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