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I laid against the bed headrest in our bedroom. I was scrolling through my social media news feeds but could hear my wife’s sonorous voice from the shower as she sang a familiar song.

It was Friday night but instead of going to watch a match at a viewing center, I decided to spend the evening with my wife. After a nice meal, I went to put finishing touches to the bookshelf I had been working on. My wife came to join me at the workshop. We were chatting as I sprayed the shelf and left it to dry.

She admired my craftmanship, took several photos of the masterpiece with my phone and posted them online while tagging her own social handles.

There were many good comments on the posts already. A couple of friends wanted to know how they can get the same piece or something similar. One wanted to know where my workshop was.

I also got a couple of hits in the inbox. I felt really elated at the positive reviews and my mind went back to the discussion I had with my wife in the previous week about leaving my present job and my resolve not to give up on the pursuit of my dream of owning a carpentry business outfit.

My wife joined me in the bedroom ready to turn in for the night.

“What are you smiling at?” She asked because of the wide grin I had splattered across my face.

“Look at this.” I proudly passed the phone to her so she could¬†see the wonderful reviews too.

She smiled broadly too, “Well, they just discovered what I have always known sweetheart. You are very talented with your hands and tools!”

I could almost feel my heart expand some more.

“Sure you are not going to let all this praise go to waste now, would you?” She wiggled her eyebrows at me smiling and tucking us both into bed. I turned out the bedroom light.

I sighed with a bit of regret in the brief silence.

“I only have a little bit of time to pursue personal interests on the weekends, I don’t have the time to take up these offers now on a full scale. I will send them my regrets in the morning.” I responded finally.

My wife was quiet for a little while as if in deep thought.

“Darling, I know how much carpentry gives you joy and that you haven’t given up on looking for a way to break into the industry. Why don’t you take up an insurance plan at ARM just like the one we took for my restaurant?”

I turned towards her and tried to peer at her in the darkness as she spoke.

“In fact, we can save towards your carpentry business gradually using ¬†ARM Savings Plus the same way we are saving for my food business.”

“Thank you, honey, this means a lot to me but like you pointed out last week, we can’t afford any more strain on our income at least for now.”

“Yes, that true but you save for the carpentry workshop from the proceeds you get from helping our neighbors fix their stuff or making simple furniture like your cabinet for those who want them. Of course, you work only on weekends and no heavy duty stuff,” She concluded. I could see her smile in the dark.

“Ain’t you a genius woman!”

She laughed out loud and we hugged tightly as I decided to work out the modalities of her ideas by morning.

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