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My name is Lakunle. I am a husband, a father of two, and a salary earner. I married my wife, Chindima, the most beautiful woman in the world as far as I am concerned, five years ago when I started working.

I met my wife during my National Youth Service Corps year in Enugu and we became best of friends. We had good plans. We shared our life goals and we were ready to take on the world.

My two children, Nifemi and Chinedu, are very special to me. Nifemi is the older of the two. We had her on the day of our 1st wedding anniversary; every 24th of July is always a day full of fun activities in the family.

Nifemi is just like her mother: beautiful and enthusiastic. She has started behaving like a woman at age 4. She now helps in the kitchen and runs errands within the house. She is going to be a responsible woman someday.

Our little boy Chinedu is 2 years old. I love to call him Chinny and he somehow likes it because he usually giggles happily whenever I call him that name. He is one of the most energetic 2 years old boys I have seen.

One of the things I love about my wife is her cooking skills. I am not bragging, my wife is the best cook in the world. Ever since we got married, I can count the number of times I eat out. My friends can testify to the fact that my wife cooks better than anyone else. Whenever they visit, they always look forward to eating our food.

My wife is a salary earner like me. I have always wanted her to own a restaurant so that she can start making money with her talent. Two years ago, when we discussed this, she said she was not ready for it. She said when the time comes, she would let me know. I didn’t mention it again and we seemed to have forgotten about it until recently when she raised it again in the middle of the night.

“Dear, there is something that has been troubling my mind.” She said.

“What is it baby?” I asked curiously.

“Did you remember sometimes ago when you wanted me to open a restaurant? I have been giving it a lot of thought recently. I think it’s high time we had a business of our own.”

I saw her desire and I promised to help her with a business plan. We found out that for us to start a very good restaurant in our neighborhood, we will need nothing less than N3 million. We both agreed that we were not going to borrow the money for it, instead, we would save towards it.

We started looking for a good platform and a friend introduced us to a platform he has been using for a long while: ARM Life Saving Plus He said we were going to get interest at the expiration of our saving tenure, that makes so much sense to us and we didn’t hesitate to start the journey towards realizing our ambitions.


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