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I had a talent for blowing cash. My bestie Becky was tired of my money habit. No matter how much I tried to save, I always end up dipping into it and using the cash for seeming emergencies.

The thing is I love shopping a lot. I love clothes, shoes, trendy handbags and all things nice. I love to slay and with the salary, I got working at a four-star hotel for five years, I could definitely afford the lifestyle I wanted. The only problem was that at 28, I was still jumping Danfo up and down Lagos and getting into tongue wars with conductors over Fifty Naira change every time.

It used to be me and Becky making these crazy trips around the city on most days, but the baby girl got herself a cool ride and left me at it. Now, I could always hitch a ride whenever we were on the same shift or going in the same direction but on days when it was not so and I had to use public transport, it felt so lonely and annoying having to use public transport.

Perhaps, the negative vibes I was getting was a sure sign that I was grown enough to own a ride and honestly, with my salary, I could afford it if I became more disciplined with money and saved towards it. This thought bothered on my mind for a long time.

While scouring the internet one evening, I came across a pop-up ad from ARM Life on saving for the future and when I checked it out it was like the answer to a prayer I didn’t even realize I was offering.

I went to ARM Life official site and gathered information about the kinds of policies they offer and I chose ARM Life Saving Plus Plan as it suited me perfectly.

I can say confidently choosing a saving plan on ARM Life was the smartest decision about money that I have ever made. I got an SUV in three years and even Becky was surprised.

She grilled me non-stop about how I bought the car. At first, she imagined that it was a gift from my parents or fiancée. She knew my habit with money so she found it hard to believe that I was able to afford it.

I let her in on the secret and now we both are using the platform to save for bigger plans in our individual futures!


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