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How to Make The Most Of Your Retirement


“Retirement is a time to get in touch with who you really are, not who you’ve been all your life!” exclaimed Susu, during her interview.

Demola, a journalist with one of the online newspapers, couldn’t hide his excitement as he listened to Susanna Opara, a retired school principal in her 70s.

In his words; “I’ve never met a more free-spirited person who’s taking full advantage of their retirement.”

In that moment, Demola realised that anyone could make the most of their retirement. It just depends on how they perceive it.

According to Susu, retirees become sad or bored because retirement comes with a new phase of life, and most times, it’s not what they’ve pictured it to be, so they become unsure of what to do with their lives.

Rather than get cranky, why not think deeply? This doesn’t mean recounting past achievements or work hours, but reaching deep into one’s soul to know exactly who they are on the inside.

Susu noted that when she engaged in that deep reflection, she realised that she wasn’t just a school principal, or a mother, or a cook, or a neighbour rather she was first a unique internal spirit, filled with so much creativity and light, and there was no one like her.

Today, Susu has found inner-peace and self-empowerment and has been able to channel her newly found energy into things that excite her in life. You too can do the same. Today, refuse to be defined by your job, degrees, or any random position you might have held. Rather, utilise the freedom that retirement has availed you, to embark on the journey of a thorough soul search, so that you can discover your true self and who you originally were called to be.

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