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Health is the foundation of wealth

By August 5, 2022Life Bits

Do you know that one of the most profitable investments you can make this year, is investing in your health?

This is because every other aspect of life is hinged on health, including wealth.

You cannot separate financial security from a healthy lifestyle because an active body and a healthy mind maximises your capacity to do more. With an active body, you are sure to acquire more opportunities, think in the right direction and even build more wealth.

Funny enough, you don’t need much to be healthy. You just need to prioritise your health, and become more intentional towards it.

Begin with an act as little as having a water bottle beside you. This will help you drink more water consciously or unintentionally.  The more water you drink, the more hydrated you become, and hydration facilitates healthy bowel movement, nourishes your cells, and helps your heart pump more blood to your muscles.

Also, take time off work to sleep well. Nothing beats a moment of good rest and relaxation. Again, make sure you eat a diet that is very balanced, take a 30-minute brisk walk daily and of course, visit the hospital for regular check-ups even when you feel you are a hundred percent healthy. This is how you avoid being under a probable wrong impression.

Bottom line: Whatever you do in the remaining months of this year, don’t compromise on healthy living because when taken seriously, the returns will keep you away from diseases, increase your chances of building more wealth, and make you live long enough to reap the benefits of your hard work.

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