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Frustration weighed heavily on the heart of Clement Stone, a young gentleman who visited the ARM Illupeju branch one fateful day. He was determined to address his unreceived account details on the ARM Stock Trade Mobile application. His displeasure had swelled since the two weeks he made the request after being redirected during his online research.

With a warm smile, the Customer Experience (CX) officer attended to Mr. Stone’s complaint toning down his anger. They quickly delved into the issue, investigating how he created the account. It was discovered that he had used the defunct ARM Stock Trade app, which was no longer in use. Mr. Stone was surprised to learn this, exclaiming, “I am surprised that the app could still receive account opening details since it’s inactive!”

The CX officer sincerely apologized for the confusion and inconvenience caused. They then suggested an alternative solution: creating an account using the ARM Stock Trade web portal. However, Mr. Stone declined, expressing a preference for the traditional method of filling out a form due to the challenges he had experienced.

Respecting Mr. Stone’s wishes, the CX officer promptly issued an Account Opening form. Mr. Stone provided his details, and within a mere 24 hours, his account was successfully created. Not only that, he also expressed interest in opening a Money Market Fund, which the CX officer processed with equal efficiency.

Reflecting on the situation, a few important facts emerged. First, it was evident that the ARM Stock Trade App needed to be taken down from the play store, as it was no longer in use. Second, there was a need to regularly check the back end, specifically the Digital Management Unit (DMU), to identify any pending account opening requests and reach out to clients to complete the process. Lastly, a communication should be sent to ARM Securities clients to inform them about the shift to the ARM One app for stock trading, emphasizing that the ARM Stock Trade app is no longer in use.

The key learning from this experience was the importance of asking the right questions. By doing so, the CX officer was able to understand Mr. Stone’s concerns and provide an appropriate resolution. This exemplified the commitment to customer satisfaction and problem-solving.

Thanks to the intervention of the CX officer, Mr. Stone’s concerns were resolved, and he was able to embrace the future of stock trading with the ARM Stock Trade app. Additionally, the cross-selling opportunity led to the opening of an additional account for the Money Market Fund. All the facts of the case were duly attended to, ensuring a positive outcome for both the client and ARM Securities.

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