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The indescribable joy that follows landing a long-awaited job was the same way Mr. Ibrahim from Kwara state, felt when he received the exciting news of his acceptance into the Police Formation. However, an important requirement stood between him and his dream job—a Retirement Savings Account (RSA). Driven by determination to keep his job, Mr. Ibrahim began his with ARM Pension Managers.

As Mr. Ibrahim entered the ARM Pensions office, he was greeted with warm smiles and a friendly atmosphere. The process began by reviewing his information registered with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) to ensure he did not already have an account with any Pension Fund Administrator (PFA). This step was crucial to avoid any duplication and ensure a smooth onboarding experience.

To initiate his account opening, Mr. Ibrahim provided his national identity number, appointment letter, and declaration of age. The officer attending to him verified his information and swiftly completed the necessary paperwork. In less than 24 hours, voila! Mr. Ibrahim’s RSA Pin was created, and he received a notification through SMS and email. Talk about efficiency!

Mr. Ibrahim could not contain his happiness and satisfaction with the seamless onboarding process. He appreciated the prompt resolution and open communication he experienced throughout. This boosted his confidence in ARM Pensions and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

With his RSA Pin in hand, Mr. Ibrahim was now ready to embark on his retirement savings journey. But there was one more important step left—furnishing his employer with his RSA Pin for remittance purposes. ARMP made sure to emphasize the significance of this step, ensuring that Mr. Ibrahim’s hard-earned savings would bento his RSA consistently.

Now, here is a fact to ponder carrying out due diligence, just as ARM Pensions did, is bound to have a positive impact on clients’ satisfaction ratings. By being meticulous in their verification process, they ensured that Mr. Ibrahim’s journey started on the right foot.

The story of Mr. Ibrahim’s RSA onboarding journey teaches us important lessons. Seamless process, open communication, and a customer-centric approach all contribute to enhancing customer confidence and advocacy. ARM’s intervention through proactive verification with NIMC enabled a speedy response to Mr. Ibrahim’s request, ensuring he could start his retirement savings without delay.

Are you ready to secure your own financial future? Start your retirement journey today! Contact ARM Pension Managers or visit to experience a seamless onboarding process just like Mr. Ibrahim did. Your future self will thank you!



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