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“Ama, thank you for always looking out for me, but I don’t want my kids to be trust fund babies. Madam Kachi noted, as she escorted Ama her friend, out the gate.

“Hmmmm so, what if something happens to you now, how will your kids continue their education?” Ama asked.

“Nothing dey happen! I shall not die but live! Besides, I already invested something for the kids in my brother’s electronics business, and he’s doing fine! Kemjika is doing fine, ever since I lost my husband, he has been like a father to my children. I trust him more than any Education Trust.”

Immediately, Madam Kachi’s phone rang. It was her apprentice calling to inform her of a fire outbreak at the market that had burnt most shops, including hers.

She was shocked. Everything felt like a nightmare that she was soon going to wake up from. How does one lose everything in a blink of an eye?

The last straw was when she reached out to Kemjika and discovered he had squandered the money she entrusted to him for her children’s future. She became inconsolable.

Apparently, Kemjika had a gambling problem which no one knew about. In a bid to double his wealth, he had gambled away his life savings and then borrowed from his sister hoping to pay back when he won… But life happened leaving Madam Kachi emptyhanded and her children’s future hanging by a thread. As a parent, it is not advisable to entrust something as sensitive as the education of your children, to the goodwill of family members. Saving money with family members to cater to the future of your children is very risky because issues can arise, and those monies could be borrowed repeatedly to settle them.

This is why an Education Trust is important. An ARM Trustees Education Trust is a product where money is saved strictly for the education of the beneficiaries. The saved amount is to be used for their tuition, and other educational-related expenses.

With an ARM Trustees Education Trust, you can rest assured that your child/ward will attain any level of education you desire, regardless of your availability. Click here to learn more about Education Trust.

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