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Unlike most people, I don’t have a deep story about how I have loved photography or dreamed of owning a studio from my mother’s womb. I didn’t know anything about cameras till my early 20s. I do not have an uncanny sense for nature or unusual moments. I am a regular guy who just wants to make money. Naturally, my initial approach was to go to school. I got a degree in Biochemistry just because that was the available course. I wasted a couple of months looking for a job but when I could no longer take my mother’s incessant ‘the idle hand is the devil’s workshop’ rants, I started following our neighbor uncle Greg on his photography assignments.

He seemed to be doing OK for himself, his children were in good schools and he drove a good car, even got one for his wife. From helping with carrying his bulky bags to cleaning his equipment, I graduated gradually till I began to take shots. Soon, he could send me to represent him at events and I would deliver a good job. My real love for photography began on the day one of the clients I went to shoot gave me a check to deliver to Uncle Greg. It ran into hundreds of thousands, for a job that took barely three hours, where I was even served a sumptuous meal and an opportunity to groove a little. That’s the kind of life I want, where I am making a lot of money from having a nice time.

It was not long before I started taking up jobs for myself. I soon realized that shooting pre-wedding pictures is my favourite thing. Apart from the fact that brides are usually eager to pay for anything that will make their big day look good, the drama and adventure give me a special thrill. Couples are increasingly becoming more daring, they want shoots under the sea, or on top of a tree, some even want to replicate Wakanda. Love just makes you do crazy things.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to find natural locations for all the ideas a 21st century bride had. What I need is a studio where I can use dramatic backgrounds to simulate reality or recreate ambience via editing.

Getting a studio is capital intensive. Apart from the cost of the shop/office, there is the cost of decorating, equipment and maybe even a staff to man the place when I am unavailable. That’s why I downloaded PayDay Investor, an investment app that not only helps you put money aside consistently but actually invests the money on your behalf. Super cool right? I created my goal on the app- My studio and instructed it to invest 50k for me every week. It’s been five months now and the value of my investment is amazing. I am already searching for the perfect location for my studio. At this rate, in about four months’ time, Downtown studio by Freggy should be ready to roll.

Watch out for me guys, very soon the baddest prewedding photos that will break the net will have my signature-@FreggyShotIt

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