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When a child is rude and disrespectful, everyone points fingers at his parents. The blame goes to them for not raising their child right. They are even seen as rude and disrespectful too just because of their child’s misconduct.

The same thing applies to an organization and their Customer Service unit. Though behind the scenes, the Customer Service staff make a big difference to the way a company is perceived. They are the voices that calm storms and build trust between organizations and their clients.

Great customer service also helps companies boost revenue and cut costs through word of mouth testimonials.

When a customer has a negative experience with the Customer Service unit of an organization, it can impact how they speak about that company to others. That will also affect the decisions of those who hear him. Positive customer experience on the other hand can bring with it great word of mouth advertising from happy clients, which reduces a company’s marketing expenses.

In this week’s episode, we discuss how the Customer Service staff build trust by making a difference. Tune in to the ARM Life Living Benefits Show today at 6.40PM on Smooth 98.1FM to learn a thing or two about what the Customer service really representatives do.


And while you are at it, contact us on for Life policies that are best suited for you. We promise that you will have excellent Customer Service experience.

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