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The 25-year-old FC Barcelona star player Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, is in the football club transfer news for all the juicy reasons. Paris Saint-Germain have paid the £199million buy-out clause in his contract with Barcelona and take him to Ligue 1 for the 2017/18 season. This transfer is already sealed, making it the highest football club payment ever to be made for a player.

Riding alongside this financially monstrous deal, is the rumoured buy-out of Monaco teenage ‘wonderboy’ Kylian Mbappe by Real Madrid for a staggering £160 million club transfer. The news broadcast is buzzing with the transfer news and Nigerians have already whipped out their calculators to find out the hourly, daily and weekly breakdown of these huge amounts.

Nigerians don’t want N30 billion in their accounts…

No way! How can they when some ‘small boys’ are getting paid jaw-dropping amounts yearly for playing football. They are not carried away anymore by Davido’s N30 billion croon, they are now after the bigger bucks.

The breakdown of Neymar’s new transfer fund has left many Nigerians wishing their parents had forgotten about education and had put them in a football academy instead. Some even want to reduce their ages and pursue a football career, all in a bid to get a bite out of the scrumptious package the high paid footballers enjoy.

Even if your earnings are not as robust as Neymar’s, you still need to plan towards a financially free future. Here are a few tips to help you plan.

Decide to stay out of debt: When you make up your mind to spend reasonably, you can control your expenditure while still meeting basic needs and enjoying guilty pleasures from time to time. All these begin with a consciousness of priorities and a clear vision of a financially free future.

Lay out a financial map: By understanding exactly how much you earn and realizing that it may not always be so, you can set the wheels in motion to prepare or hire someone to prepare a financial map that detail your earnings (net income preferably), expenses, debts (if any) and investments. If there are debts, list them from smallest to biggest, and attack the smallest ones first while making minimum payments on the rest. You must avoid consolidating loans and similar methods of getting out of debt.

Keep lifestyle in check: Avoid living a financially loud life. Instead look for ways to ensure consistent earning even upon retirement by investing wisely.

Once you learn to prioritize, plan and have your spending under control, life before and after retirement will be a financially enjoyable one.


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