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The Christmas bells are just about ready to jingle and you wonder silently what to give the people you care about as a gift. It has been an eventful year and even though the color and carols remain the same, you know deep down that a lot has shifted in the hearts and minds of people.


You realize that now, more than ever, you could use a lot more encouragement and hope for better days ahead. If you feel this way, then others will surely feel the same right?


But what gift would you give that will not be used and forgotten when Christmas is over?


Aha – you remember the Gift of a Lifetime (GOAL). That investment gift that keeps giving to the one who receives it. That gift that brings smiles to the face of the recipient when dividends accrue and are paid every quarter of the year. That gift that serves as a constant reminder of your love to that special person you give it to.


The ARM Gift of a Lifetime is the ideal gift for a time like this because it helps the receiver gradually get on track with the financial goals they may have left redundant due to the events of 2020 – or it could serve as the starting point for your loved one to begin the journey towards their goals for the coming year.


What is more interesting about this GOAL gift is that you can buy it for as little as N5000 or as much as you want and send it to anybody in any part of the world. How cool is that?


Giving a thoughtful gift this Christmas is what will stand your gift out from every other gift the people that matter to you will receive this season.


Give them the gift that keeps giving. Give them the gift of a lifetime.


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