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Between the Tuesday that I saw Rachel and Saturday, it felt like a whole month went by.


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Fam, the week moved so sluggishly that I felt that the forces of nature were against me meeting up with Rachel. Anyway, something else happened at work that I want to gist you before Saturday comes.


Remember my guy Nosa? The Fashionisto who my village people clearly sent to help me squander my money… Yes, that one.


So, Nosa cornered me on Thursday with a request. He wanted me to lend him money. I had some loose cash, maybe about 5k in my bag so I said “Sure, what are friends for.” So, I brought out my purse and counted out the money and handed it over to him. Nosa shifted uncomfortably, and without touching the money he replied “Babe, I’m not talking 5k please. I mean, lend me like 500k.”


Folks, I nearly fell off my high heeled shoes. It’s like this baba thinks I’m one of Otedola’s daughters. I immediately reached out to touch his forehead; maybe he has malaria or something. He removed my hand in frustration and repeated “Abeg, you get to lend me or you sabi who fit?” That was when I knew that Nosa was serious.


How can a whole Nosa, the stylist extraordinaire and a guy that earns more than I do at work be asking to borrow 500k from me? Me sef, I don’t even have up to 50k in my account talk-less of 500k.


“See Nosa, you know I don’t have that kind of money in my account na” I told him. “Do you have someone I can borrow from?” he responded.


I said I didn’t, then proceeded to ask him what he needed the money for. I figured that it had to be an emergency for him not to have planned for it. He told me his landlord had been disturbing for rent and he’s two months due.


“Ah, Nosa! You live in Ajah. You know how much rent is and all these months, you didn’t save for it? Haba!” I said judgmentally. Inside my head, I knew that it would probably be the same case with me had I not been living with my sister.


Nosa, now obviously irritated with me and my ‘holier than thou’ attitude simply walked away leaving me standing in the hallway.


As I walked down the stairs to hitch a ride with my colleague, I contemplated the encounter with Nosa. What if an emergency like this or one that involved life and death suddenly happened and I didn’t have anything but an empty account and a wardrobe full of trendy clothes and shoes to fall back on?


This thought scared me more than a horror movie and the entire ride home, I, who is typically a chatterbox, sat in silence.


I was lost in thought when I heard a very loud smashing noise. Someone had hit Remi’s car from behind and from the sound of it, it wasn’t a small dent.


To be continued…

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