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Fred: Dude, how is this Christmas going to be? Any plans yet?


You: Plans? How do you mean?


Fred: I mean, we’ll be paid our 13th-month bonus along with other allowances. What’s your plan? I’m sure you’ll paint the town red with so much money at your disposal because that’s your modus operandi…


You: well… It depends on what you mean by painting the town red. The guy you knew yesterday is not the same guy you’re seeing today bro.


Fred: I mean ‘Dettying December’, having unreserved fun, attending events, splurging and partying with the boys all day every day until New Year. That’s how you used to roll. What has changed?


You: True but  like I said, I’m a changed man. The unreserved fun you speak of, does it include a plan for your tomorrow?


Fred: Ermmm…what are you talking about?


You: Dude, after seeing what my uncle Mike went through when he retired with no savings, 13th month bonus and any other bonus for that matter are now like big alarms reminding me to plan for my tomorrow.


Make no mistake, I will be having fun this Christmas because I’ve worked hard for it… but I also won’t forget to make an Additional Voluntary Contribution to my RSA for the day when there will be no more 13th month bonus coming in.


So, if you plan to have unreserved fun and Detty December today, you better plan for it tomorrow too – unless, my Uncle Mike’s predicament may be yours when tomorrow comes.



Received your 13th month bonus yet? Don’t forget to invest in your tomorrow. Top up your RSA today.

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