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When 34-year-old Damola gave birth to her daughter, she felt that her life was finally complete. Baby Juliet was the apple of her mother’s eyes and Damola spared no expense in giving her the very best. As a single parent, it wasn’t easy for Damola to cope with the demands of heading the Customer Service department at work, building her side hustle and raising a child alone, but she faced these responsibilities like a superwoman.

Her friends and family tried to pitch in as often as possible but in the end, the bulk of the work lay with the mother of the child. Soon, Baby Juliet was old enough to go to school and what a rude shock Damola got when school fees, books, lessons and more were calculated. It would be a little cheaper should she opt for just any school, but she needed a school that had a good pedigree and was in close proximity to her office to enable her juggle movements seamlessly. The cost per term for Baby Juliet’s KG class came to N95000 when everything like music lessons, swimming classes, dance classes, books and more were calculated. But Damola wanted the best for her baby so she went with it.

But she eventually did some hard thinking. With each year her baby grew and with each new class she entered, she’ll be required to pay higher fees and maybe enroll in other extra-curricular activities which will definitely make fees much higher. She needed a sustainable plan to keep the level of education she desired for baby Juliet up so she called up her best friend Zara and told her what she had been thinking.

“Zara, I’ve done my math and the way things look, I think I need a good plan in place if I really want my baby to get the Ivy League education I plan for her. Do you know anyone who is an expert in these things?” she asked.

“Don’t think too much Dammy. I think I’ve come across one before. I was reading an article on Bella Naija the other day and this Trust Expert on the column Ask Shade was advising a woman with a similar problem. I think her advice will work for you too.” Zara responded.

“Oh really? What did she suggest to the woman?” Damola asked.

“She asked her to consider getting an Education Trust for her child which will cater to every educational needs of her child to whatever level she so desires. Interestingly, she mentioned that the Trust can also comprise of a lifestyle component to provide for other needs of the child like school trips, excursions or vacations.” Zara responded.

“This has a good ring to it” Damola replied. “What do you think babe? Should I give it a try?” she asked.

“Wait, are you really asking that Dammy? I think you should totally do that and enjoy peace of mind jare. Since me I’m still single and seriously searching, I will just pen it down as something to consider when I finally catch Mr. Right and have our golden baby…haha” Zara said.

“Crazy babe. So Mr. Right is now a fish you want to catch abi” Damola queried playfully…

(The two chat on excitedly about other matters…The End)

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