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In a bid to expand its clients’ access to market information across Africa and beyond, ARM Securities have signed a partnership agreement with BMCE Capital on global research.

ARM Securities’ research reports have over the years helped investors navigate Nigeria‚Äôs investment landscape, this agreement allows ARM Securities collaborate with BMCE Capital to create and distribute financial research and content on a broader range of African markets, thereby giving its clients access to research content from financial markets such as Morocco, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Kenya.

ARM Securities aim is to continue to deliver credible research information within quicker reach, providing multiple avenues through which its clients can diversify their investment portfolio

BMCE Capital is the Investment banking division of BMCE Bank of Africa, providing capital market activities such as Brokerage, Asset Management, Advisory, Equity Research, and Global Custody, covering Morocco, Tunisia and West Africa.

For enquiry, please call +234 (1) 2701096, 2701653; 0700 CALLARM (0700 225 5276); or send us a mail:


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