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This is a thought-provoking question as we round off 2018.

For all the hard work you do, your commitment and more – are you paid the right wage? Whether your answer is yes or no, consider this – no amount of money you are paid today counts really, what counts is what you do with it. Let me explain.

Even if you earn a six-figure salary and mouth-watering bonuses every other month, if you don’t manage your finances well enough and invest a fraction, many years down the line, you may still stay stagnant financially or worse still, go under depending on the lifestyle you choose to adopt.

The question then shouldn’t stop at asking if you’re paid fairly. In fact, it’s at this point you should begin to evaluate how you spend what you earn. If all you ever do is spend as you earn, forget financial freedom, with the ever-increasing cost of living in Nigeria, you may soon find yourself in debt.

Back to the question

Now let’s get back to the question: how do you spend what you earn? It’s imperative that you know where your money is going in order to account for it. This is what budgeting is really about.

When your budget only features bills, needs, wants or debts there’s a big problem. Why? Because you can never be financially free if you live to work and spend it all. Have you thought about the day you won’t be so young and agile enough to work as you do now? What if along the line, you have an emergency that needs money to solve, can you sincerely say you have an emergency fund somewhere? Better still, wouldn’t you like the peace that comes with knowing that even when you’re not working, you are making money? Think about it.

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to have enough money, your own home and the freedom to go and do whatever you want especially as you get older without your heart skipping at the thought of the financial implication?

To get this life, you must focus on what you do with what you are paid while striving to get to a place where you are paid better.

One way to get closer to the affluent lifestyle is to make investing a habit. With focus, consistency, patience and a willingness to dream big, the sky will only be your starting point. Ready to play it big? Explore investment options at 

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