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  • Everyone knows David loves Mary and can’t wait to make her his wife
  • They even have official hashtag already, #MaVid2018, all their friends know

  • Then David visited her father in Owerri last Christmas

  • When they offered him kolanut and palm wine, David knew he had been accepted

  • He was smiling from ear to ear, feeling like a sharp guy, until they gave him the list

  • The list of the things he’ll bring to marry his beloved Mary gave him instant headache
  • The kind of headache pain reliever cannot relieve

  • When David got home, he looked through his house for something to sell
  • But even if he sells his new TV and land in Epe, he will still not have enough money
  • Should David open Go fund me page, or carry placard and be like ‘epp me, I want to marry’

  • That’s how he told Mary that they should postpone the wedding to 2029
  • It’s not that far na, the official hashtag will just be #MaVid2029

  • The only problem is Mary has not picked his call since that day

  • Sorry bros, but you cannot pay for the wedding with love

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  • That way, you can marry bae sooner, maybe not this year sha depending on how much you choose to invest monthly.

  • Worst case, 2020, that one is sha 9 years better than 2029
  • Oya stop dulling, download Payday Investor for free here
  • It’s ok, thank us later.

Press play to watch David and Mary’s love wantintin story


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    Will like to know the update about our account with you

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    Need a visit to your office in Abuja.
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    If I want to change my account from my business name to my name what is the process?

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    it is possible to do direct debit to ARM from my personal account

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