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What is Christmas without food and drinks? No wonder some of us come back in January with a resolution to shed those mysterious pounds that somehow snuck in unnoticed.

We have all been there. Oh, the torture! But hey, there’s good news.

Here are ways to curtail any unnecessary weight gain this Christmas without hitting the gym – because honestly, who wants to be at the gym at Christmas?

Eat before going out

Don’t skip meals. Try to eat something before heading out. Doing this helps you avoid the temptation to overindulge yourself or eat a lot.

Drink moderately (and responsibly)

It’s okay to be merry and enjoy a few glasses. But it is best to watch your drinking since alcohol, soft drinks or other juices will only add more calories to the ones you’ve already eaten.

Stay active

It is very hard, almost impossible to find time amidst the activities of the season to exercise. But try to do as much as you can. Little things like simply walking some more, chasing the kids around or using the stairs can burn some calories too. If dancing is your thing, dance like no one is watching. You’ll be having fun and burning some calories too, win-win.

Drink plenty of water

Water can satiate your appetite and keep you hydrated all the time. Plus, it will also help prevent a possible hangover if you go aboveboard with the alcohol.

Order your meals with caution

If you’ll be going to restaurants or ordering your meals, think more of protein and veggies, less of carbohydrates. And don’t forget that salad dressings often pack lots of calories, so order them on the side that you can control how much you’ll be using.

Enjoy yourself

It’s a festive season. So, enjoy the foods and drinks you love but in small/moderate portions and move as much as you can in the ways that you actually enjoy.

This cheat guide can help set you on the right track weight-wise, health-wise and ready for the New year.

But if all else fails, wear black. We hear it’s slimming 😉


Have a Merry Fit Christmas!


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