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If you’re social media savvy, you would have seen the #fraudbae viral story.

But for those of us who are not really into social media like that, here is the full gist:

It’s about this babe called Angel Exford and her ex-boo, Michael Fehsenfeld. 2 weeks ago, Ms Angel came on social media to accuse her ex-lover of being a fraud and a gold-digger.

According to her, the two decided to eat out with some of their friends. When it was time to pay, Fehsenfeld said he had lost his wallet, and asked her to give him access to her bank card which she did out of love.

Days after, the two broke up and Fehsenfeld blocked his ex-girlfriend on social media.

Ms Angel started receiving debit alerts on her account. After a series of investigations by her friends, it was discovered that her ex-boo had used her money to pay for flowers for his new boo and for a trip to Paris with her. He had also used the money to pay for parking tickets, Instagram likes bills from the council and a Sky TV subscription.

For you not to fall victim of such, here are seven signs on how to detect a #fraudbae

  1. They never pay for anything. If s/he is always pushing the bill to you to pay, please run.
  2. They’re always in debt and want you to bail them out.
  3. They use the relationship with them as a bargaining tool.
  4. They always come up with big business ideas that end up failing.
  5. They want to control your finances and know your ATM pin.
  6. They always live beyond their means
  7. They always beg you for money to entertain their friends.

Fraud prevention is everyone’s responsibility!


Thank you.

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