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One year is a long time, yet it can pass by very quickly. Don’t let the one-year compulsory youth service year pass by without adding some value to yourself.

On that note, here are 6 things you should do during your NYSC year:

Prepare your CV and start sending out:

If you don’t have a CV yet, use this time to sit down and draft one. Do your research to see CV writing tips and use them to craft a stellar CV. Keep it to two pages. Once you have your CV, start circulating to family, older friends and to companies via their career pages. Also start completing online job forms and subscribe to new job alerts.

Be present on the internet:

Whether you get posted to a village or city, try not to be cut off information. Being present on the internet is how you know what is going on, what companies are recruiting, and what new opportunities are ripe for the picking.

Register for professional exams:

You have plenty of time on your hands now – well at least for a year. Use the time to find any professional examination/course(s) that is relevant to you, register and actively study and pass them. They will give you better chances during your job search.

Try out job tests:

They say, ‘practice makes perfect’- so practice job tests (if you plan to work for somebody). Get relevant materials GMAT and start getting yourself acquainted with the tests therein. Make sure you time yourself with the sample timing included and aim to get better with each trial. By the time you pass out from NYSC, you should be ready to take job tests from prospective employers.

Learn a skill:

If entrepreneurship is your thing but you don’t have the requisite skills, your service year is the perfect time to acquire the skill you will need. If you learn that skill before you pass out, you could even start making some money with your new skill while still serving.


Corpers are usually loved and respected in most communities where they serve. Leverage that to meet those that matter in your place of primary assignment or state. Meet new people, brush up your LinkedIn profile and connect with those in the industry you have your eyes on. You never know who could help you get your foot in the right door.





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