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It’s the festive season and excitement is in the air! Children and adults are getting ready to celebrate Christmas and the New Year but sometimes, celebrations can lead to accidents if care is not taken.

Here’s how to keep your family safe and healthy throughout the festive period.

Secure the house

If you will be traveling out of town, make sure you lock all entrance to your apartment to avoid your house being boggled. Also, tell your neighbours that you are going away for a while. This will help them keep an eye out in case of any suspicious movement in your apartment while you are away.

Keep the floor dry

Children will be home this period for the holiday, and they will run around with their friends. Make sure the floor is devoid of any liquid that may cause them to fall. Surely, it can be tiring watching our kids and trying to restrict them, but it can be more tiring nursing them when they have avoidable injuries.

Minimise the use of lightings

It’s the period of Christmas lights and other fancy lightings. As much as you may want to decorate your house with these lightings, you may have to scale back depending on your outlets. Check the lights’ packaging for the power output, and never plug in more than what a power outlet can handle. Don’t forget that December is the dry season where fire accidents and its wild spread is always on the high.

Eat and drink responsibly

This season, there will be lot of food and drinks to be consumed. But remember that there is a limit to what your body can take.  Over eating or drinking can result to serious health issues. You wouldn’t want to spend the rest of the year in the hospital bed, would you?

Keep alcoholic drinks out of children reach.

You are likely to get carried away due to activities of the festive period. Ensure you keep alcohol and other drugs out of reach of the children. It is for their safety.

Obey Traffic Rules

People are likely to get carried away with the frenzy and be reckless especially on the road. Ensure you obey all traffic rules while driving. Remember that disobeying traffic rules puts your life and the lives of other road users at serious risk.

We wish you a hitch-free celebration.

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