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Yaay! It’s January, that time of the year that always comes with the joy of giving, bright lights, shiny presents, and loads of food. It is also a time that comes with cold, dry winds, haziness and a lot of dust. Harmattan is coming and these are six life-saving tips to help you stay productive and healthy regardless of the season.


It is always cold during harmattan and to protect yourself from the cold, you should wear more wool-based cloths as against cotton which is common and mostly suitable for other seasons.


It is necessary to eat a healthy and balanced diet to help your body fight against diseases that might occur as a result of the weather condition. A proper diet containing protein, carbohydrates, a bit of fat and vitamins, helps to make the immune system stronger to better fight infections. Hydrate regularly by taking lots of water during this dry season.


To avoid excessive dryness of the skin and hair, bathe with moisture retaining soaps and thereafter regularly apply moisturizing creams, oils or lotions. Hand creams should also be used intermittently during the day and at bedtime.

Protect your lips with lip balms, gloss or chap sticks to avoid lip cracks, peeling and dryness. Also moisturize your lips at night time for a complete save from cracks.

Also avoid burning refuse and bushes this period. The fire could become uncontrollable and result in the loss of lives and valuable properties.


Your home and its surroundings should be made as clean and as dust-free as possible. Doors and windows should always be shut to avoid letting in dust and harmful bugs. Inflammable objects like petrol, gas, wood and alcohol should also be put away and preventive measures taken to avoid fire outbreaks as this season makes it easy for intense fire accidents.
Also avoid burning refuse and bushes this period. The fire could become uncontrollable and result in the loss of lives and valuable properties.


Excessive exposure to the cold and dryness that comes with this weather can increase the risk of illnesses like pneumonia, arthritis and rheumatism. This season also causes catarrh, sore throat, sneezing and the possibility of cough so it is best to curtail exposure to the dry winds and dust. The eyes should be washed with clean water and sunshades used to protect them from particles. Asthma patients should also make sure to have their inhalers close at all times.


Driving this harmattan season calls for care. Be it in the morning or at night, it is important to see and be seen. It is typically foggy in the mornings, ensure your fog lights (if your car doesn’t have these, use low beam lights) are on. Also remember not to drive fast to stay safe on the road.

These are basic tips for protecting yourself and your loved ones from the adverse effects of this weather condition. Can you imagine the other natural forces you could also protect them from with a Protection Plan?

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