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When there’s a pandemic or during periods of uncertainty, it is natural for the human mind to go haywire with fearful thoughts that affect the mental capacity negatively.

We are living in such times at the moment with the emergence of the Corona Virus which has disrupted our way of life and forced us all to adapt to the new normal. It is, however, critical that one maintains mental sanity amidst the current circumstances in order to navigate life and be mentally prepared for life after the pandemic.

Here below are five ways that will help:


Because doing these will add to not just mental, but physical strain to your body.


Don’t get inundated with news from every available source to avoid confusion and lack of focus.


Staying active also helps clear your head and gives you clarity.


There’s a lot of false information circulating via social media as well as undue pressure regarding various life issues. Take a breather from all of that every once in a while.


Reach out to the ones you love, providing the needed support as well as receiving it. That love keeps you going in spite of what may be happening around you.


Never forget that to function to your optimal in every facet of your life and realise your greatest ambitions, you need mental clarity and sanity – and it is your duty to claim that for yourself.

Stay safe out there!



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