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Mr. Osas is a high-flying senior manager in his organization. With a year like 2020 over, his company is eager to introduce new initiatives and his department has been tasked with running the show. Working from home with his wife, and twin toddlers, it’s easy to lose concentration. Add to it the incessant meetings and school runs to drop and pick up his 4-year-old son – and he is at the brink of chaos almost every day.


Mr. Osas is one of those who wants the pandemic to cease so that he can go back to working from the office – but until that happens, how can he beat the overwhelm and stay productive? Here are 5 ways.

  1. Maintain a to-do list.

To-do lists may be old-fashioned, but they work. Keep a list of all the tasks you must perform on any given day to guide your decisions.

  1. Cut down on meeting time.

Not every discussion requires a meeting. For some, a phone call or email can do it. Use your time wisely and even when you absolutely need a meeting, have an agenda and keep it straight to the point.

  1. Focus on a familiar activity.

According to HBR, when we perform highly familiar tasks, it’s almost as though muscle memory kicks in. All the steps are so rehearsed that you easily get absorbed in the process and go with the flow. A task you can start and finish in one sitting will give you a sense of accomplishment.

  1. Do half your usual work.

When you’re feeling drained or emotionally down, a good compromise is to do half your usual work. A realistic goal like this can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and procrastinating.


  1. Connect with others.

The feeling of overwhelm can often make you feel like your co-workers are acing their tasks and you’re not doing enough. Staying connected with your coworkers whether you work from home or office, will give you the needed motivation while revealing that you’re not alone in your dilemma.


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