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Is the rainy season officially here? You are probably wondering. We are not certain too, but the rains are definitely pouring down more often these days and it looks like a good time for a few pointers as to having a safe and pleasant rainy season.

1. Lock windows &fix leakages
Nothing is as unnerving as returning home from a hard day’s job to meet a flooded house, wet floors and soaked sofa. Assumptions can be dangerous, always double check that your windows are locked before you leave the house. If you have noticed or suspect any leaks, it’s best to fix it now before the rains become more frequent.

2. Dry clothes only when you are home
No one enjoys having wet laundry for days on end. Apart from unpleasant damp and moldy smell, it could sometimes result in stains and a need to rewash. It is best to do your laundry only when you are home for extended hours.

3. Have an umbrella and sweater on hand
Sometimes, the rain can choose to surprise us, best to be ready for it with a portable umbrella and a sweater (consider neutral colours like black and grey). No one enjoys catching a cold. If you have children, consider leaving a sweater in their back pack as well.

4. Prepare for power interruptions
Rains are more often than not accompanied by power interruptions, especially the windy and thunder wielding types of rain. This could be a good time to buy an Inverter or ensure the one you have is in good shape. You could also service your generator and provide it good protection from the rain.

5. Stock up on teas and beverages
A hot drink can sometimes help balance the cold weather that is often the aftermath of rain, especially for the younger ones. A hot cup of coffee can set you up for work on a rainy day and a cup of hot chocolate can complete the mood if you are under the covers at home.

One thing to remember is that seasons are transient, that is why we must prepare for them. The dry season will be here in no time. Hence, as you enjoy the cool of the rainy season, prepare for the dryness of harmattan. This applies to your finances as well, today is the perfect time to start saving for the rainy day or the dry season perhaps. Explore investment opportunities here.

What do you like best about the rainy season? Will you be planting a garden or anything of the sort? Which of the seasons do you prefer? Tell us in the comments, we’ll be glad to read from you.

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