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Life is an adventure that is meant to be lived and enjoyed! Yet, there are many dos and don’ts peddled around as a manual to life but there are a few pointers about life that we’ll like to reiterate even as you begin the journey of a fresh year and decade. Here we go…

Life is for the living

The pressures of life and the high demands we place on ourselves often force us to worry too much that we stress and burn out fast. The moment you truly understand that only those who are alive get to enjoy life, you’ll let go of the toxic emotions that steal your joy and peace of mind – and then you can enjoy life.

Life has a fair share of bad people disguised as good

It’s possible to trust that friend who will betray you tomorrow, or that spouse who may leave you one day – or even that sibling who will not cater to your family in case the unexpected happens. While lots of good people exist and you can take definitive measures to identify those within your circle who you can trust, it is imperative to not take chances especially if you have dependents. Secure their interest with an Easy Will.

Life can get tough

Even the strongest and richest of them all gets kicked tough by life in some way, at some point in time. Understanding this basic principle of life lets you absorb the shock when life gets tough and helps you understand the importance of having an emergency fund in place for the ones you love so that when life gets tough, there is a cushion to help them absorb it.

Life is fleeting

Nobody likes the thought of demise but it is one life phenomenon that we can do absolutely nothing about. It is even trickier because no one knows when it will be their time. Some people have been called before they even attained adulthood. Some others never had the chance to get married or even have children. Yet there are some who an entire family depended on and when they were taken, the world fell apart for their families because rats came and stole the fish meant for the children. That is why if you have children, putting an Education plan in place is the best way to secure their future.

There’s life after retirement

Many of us live for now, spending all we labour hard to get on momentary needs. We forget that we’ll one day retire and life continues even then. How comfortable life gets upon retirement is however dependent on the plans you place today against tomorrow. Live life today but don’t forget to save for retirement by constantly making Additional Voluntary Contributions to your Retirement Savings Account.

In conclusion…

At ARM, it’s our duty to make life easier to handle by providing you with all the products to plan your life at every stage that matters.

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