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Now that you’re counting down to the end of your service year, top on your to-do list must be to get a job right after. That’s fine – but to succeed at that, you need to have something that puts you above hundreds of other job hunters.

Here are ways to make yourself a bit more employable:

Be confident

Don’t slump your shoulders or avoid eye contact, no hiring professional wants to employ someone who appears unconfident in their skills and abilities. When you fail to show sincere self-assurance and the desire to compete at a high level, how do you expect to make much difference in an organization?

Don’t be downbeat

Most jobseekers shoot themselves in the foot by appearing too downbeat. If you have skills and expertise an organization needs, be upbeat and energetic even with your cover letter. Hiring professionals often sense your level of enthusiasm and optimism from the tone of your cover letter and confirm it with a one-on-one interview. Ensure to be bold about what you can do.

Pull up your socks…

Easy never works when you want to land the job of your dreams. Online job boards are easy and may work for some people, but you need to be more aggressive with your search because let’s face it, hundreds of job hunters are doing the same. Pull up your sock, carry out proper research and ensure to network around your targeted industry or field of interest.

When carrying out thorough research, you find what works with maybe recreating your resume, LinkedIn profile and which networking events to attend.

Be a listener and a learner

Don’t be that person who enjoys hearing his/her own voice alone. Learn to listen – not hear, listen. Good listeners are usually quick learners and when you show a hiring manager you possess this skill, they know you’ll be open to self-analysis and growth.

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