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What’s all the fuss about writing a Will? You’ve watched it in movies and heard too much talk about writing a Will but you know deep within that you don’t want to do it. You think it’s a preparation for demise. Well, we’ve compiled some reasons you may not need to write a Will. Take a look.

No family or dependent

If you don’t have children or family you love who depend on you financially, then don’t write a Will. Knowing that anything can happen at any time, don’t be the person that leaves their family financially unprotected.

Don’t care how your estate is disbursed

If you don’t care who gets all you’ve worked hard for, then there’s no use writing a Will. Not writing one can mean that the uncle you didn’t like or the cousin that you never knew could turn up and take the lion’s share of your properties should anything happen to you. Would you like that?

You think peace of mind is overrated

If you will not like to have your mind at rest just knowing that your spouse, children, aged parents and all those you care about will be well-off if anything happened to you, then why write a Will? All a Will does is help you rest easy and enjoy a good quality of life knowing everyone that matters is sorted legally in case of any uncertainty.

Don’t care about leaving a legacy

Most parents want to leave a legacy for their children be it in terms of estate, knowledge or setting an example. When you set the example of writing a Will in order to preserve wealth for your loved ones, your children are bound to pick up on that and the chain continues. If you don’t care about leaving that worthy footprint in the sands of time, then don’t write a Will.


Just before you leave, remember that only a Will can convey the wishes of a person when they are not there. Imagine what will become of the loved ones of that person who leaves this world with nothing to speak for them.


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