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Wasn’t it just like yesterday you brought your children home for the second term school vacation and yet they are back to school in the blink of an eye? Of course you know what going back to school entails… School fees, new socks and singlets, maybe new lunch boxes, new stationery and a few more.

But in 4 months’ time, these expenses will look like child’s play in the face of the new school year responsibilities. In September 2019, your child could be in a new class which means bigger expenses

As is normal with many schools, a new class will require entirely new set of books, often new school uniforms, higher school fees, lesson fees, school bus, after school service and those other seemingly small fees that eventually add up. In short, in September, if you are not prepared, you’ll be up to your neck in expense.

That is why this is your big reminder to start preparing ahead of time. As a parent/guardian, now that you’ve paid the third term school fees for your child/ward, this is the time to draw up a mock list of what you could be spending money on ahead of September school year.

Here’s a guide:

  • You can also go ahead and find out the school fees and additional fees pupils/students in the class your child (ren) will be joining in the new school year pay. Also find out books they will require – have these listed giving room for any unexpected hike.
  • When that list is ready, find out cost of the items and pen them down. Now, go ahead and do the math to see how much you may need to foot the bill when the time comes.
  • You now have a tentative sum to work with. Take the next crucial step and start investing diligently towards it.

By the time four months comes around, you should have enough money plus interest accrued to sort school expenses without breaking a sweat.

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