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2020 is unlike any other year. It is the year we will all remember for bringing a ‘new normal’ that seems likely to last for a long time. No, not the pandemic – but the redefinition of priority and the introduction of new ways of doing things may be here to stay.

For us, four lessons stand out. Take a look below:


Treasure what you have

The coronavirus pandemic swooped on the world unexpectedly and suddenly, life as we all knew it dissolved into thin air. Some people lost their jobs, others got pay cuts, while some, unfortunately, lost a loved one. Most persons lost their freedom for more than three months as a result of the compulsory lockdown. If anything, this spate of events reminds us to value the things we have and the people that are in our lives.


Think outside the box

Creativity grew wings and took off with the announcement of the pandemic and resulting lockdown. Companies that never imagined a remote work culture found ways to integrate it. Businesses explored other opportunities for service. Teachers went digital with education and people generally became more creative in managing their day to day activities. Lesson? Always think outside of the norm to stay relevant.


An emergency fund is important

The cost of living went on an all-time high this year considering the obvious and only a considerable number of people were fortunate to maintain their standard of living. These lots are those who never relented on saving for the rainy day. Because you never know what kind of rainy-day lies on the horizon, this lesson is one that you shouldn’t take lightly.


The need to plan for retirement

The lockdown sort of gave us an inkling into what retirement could look like. No going to work, not a lot of visiting, and many other similarities. However, retirement could mean more depending on how you plan for it. When you have enough money saved up ahead of retirement, you can afford to take trips to places you’ve always wanted to visit, explore hobbies that appeal to you, put adequate health insurance in place for yourself, and generally enjoy the freedom that having enough money brings.


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