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Last month, we talked about F.O.M.O (Fear of missing out) and how to know if this fear is consuming you. This month, we’ll guide you with tips to channel your F.O.M.O into J.O.M.O (Joy of missing out).

Here are a few tips on how to harness your inner J.O.M.O


  1. Be grateful. Learn to value what you already have. Take time out to appreciate the people and things around you; imagine what life would be without them? Being grateful for what you already have leaves you feeling content. You will no longer crave for what others have that you don’t.


  1. Social media is not real life. You never really know how someone is feeling behind their tweets or Snapchat stories. Use social media to make real connections with people. Look past all the banter on social media (which are really hilarious by the way) and use social media to do something meaningful.


  1. Pick up new habits to distract you from social media. Try investing for instance. I know you’re probably thinking “Finally they’ve gotten to the point where they try and sell me their product” Well the answer is yes and no. Yes, we might be trying to sell our services to you. But no, that isn’t the point. You’d be surprised how much money your money could be making for you. Of course there are other habits you could pick up that would harness your JOMO. But there is nothing as relaxing as making money; and investing offers you a chance to do this easily. You’re able to transition from FOMO which cause you to spend recklessly to JOMO by investing and actually making more money.


  1. Find your niche in the social world and focus on that. Try and figure out what fun things you enjoy doing the most and make it the norm to do these things more regularly. For instance, let’s say you enjoy going to the club regularly and your pockets aren’t deep enough to do this as regularly as most “cool people” do. You can pick your favorite places to hang out at and frequent them once in a while. You will look even cooler for being selective and you’re saving money too! Do things because you want to do them and can afford to do them; not because it’s what other people are doing.

Yes we know JOMO sounds a bit weird, but so does FOMO – and it’s in the dictionary! Try saying it a couple more times and it might not sound as bad. You don’t even have to put a name to it. As long as it’s anti-FOMO, you’re good to go. So, the next time you see a post on social media, don’t feel left out; remember that you need to cut your coat according to your cloth! Focus on the positives and not the negatives.

Oh, and don’t forget to pick up investing as a habit.

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